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Volunteer With Scientists & Co!

Volunteer With Scientists & Co!

We are looking to recruit:

• Enthusiastic shadow volunteers (ideally PhD students/postdocs/RA's), who are willing to be shadowed on any of: 25th July, 26th July, or 31st July and/or 1st Aug 2018. Each volunteer will be assigned 2-3 pupils for 5 hours each day. You will be expected to carry on with your normal schedule but with our enthusiastic students by your side!

• Volunteers to help with the CV Clinic (Postdocs and PhD student only) on the 27th July and 2nd Aug 2018 at Guy's campus. Each volunteer will be required to read and provide inputs on a short CV/Personal statement (~150 words) of 2-3 pupils.
• Volunteers for the Q&A session (PhD, Masters or UG students) on the 27th July and 2nd Aug 2018 at Guy's campus. Volunteers will be required to answered questions about life at university.

Further Information via External Link

Opportunity added on: 08/05/2018. Live here until: 30/08/2018

When you take up this opportunity, use #kcldo1thing to let us know how you got on!